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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Mostly ever single brand around the world utilizes email marketing in some way, shape or form. For new businesses that aren’t as tech savvy, they may wonder how exactly email marketing is beneficial rather than solely social media marketing. In this article, we’ll touch base on the benefits of email marketing and how they can help your brand grow surprisingly large.

1  – Email marketing is available at a low-cost

Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing presents itself at a far lower cost than any other method. This is because you don’t need to buy postage stamps, you don’t need to print anything and there is no money exchanged between you and the email platform. There is also no money to be paid for marketing as you’re doing the marketing with a list of emails you’ve curated for free. The only types of investing marketers may do is software that helps that automate emails, track progress and more.

2 – Targeting your fans

Email marketing is one of the only channels that fans and your demographic asked to be contacted by you. When they put in their email to the subscriber list, it is their choice and their desire to hear from you. This means that you’re automatically able to grab the attention the demographic you’re trying to reach and you’re not stretching to find someone by cold email or cold calling as you already have your fans. It’s also important to remember that you should never send unsolicited emails as a brand because it can annoy others and damage the positive image you’ve worked so hard at.

3 – Call-to-action purposes

When you create an email blast or send out quality content, your goal is to get hits on your website and have the user take some sort of action. This type of marketing is to take advantage of those who impulsively buy. By creating tempting and content or offers that are exclusive and something that someone can’t resist, email marketing presents itself as a great way to boost sales.

4 – Email marketing is easy

This is probably one of the main benefits besides low cost. When something has low to no costs, you’re able to automatically make profits when your email newsletters drive up sales. Not only is this easy, but the action of curating and creating content for your email newsletters is also extremely easy. You don’t need a team of 10 people for one email campaign as it usually takes one or two people maximum. It’s easy to create an email blast using videos, images, your own logo that you already have and an offer they can’t refuse. Most of the time, it’s about the content and a basic aesthetically pleasing design.

5 –  You can go global with the click of a button

Last but not least, going global is easy within a simple click of a button. When you use email marketing tactics, you can email someone from a completely different country, which can help drive up foreign sales or hits. All in all, this will help your brand grow.

In conclusion

Email marketing is effective, easy, cost efficient and can help you drive up sales within one click of a button. It’s easy to see how desirable it is considering how little effort it takes to reach your demographic. Next time you think about marketing your brand, go the extra mile and implement email marketing

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